About Toad Campers

Toad Campers started out building trailers literally under a tent in the mountains on the East Tennessee and the North Carolina border in 2008 and has grown from a hobby to a full line manufacturer located on the coast of North and South Carolina. Through trial and errors we have developed a way to use American owned suppliers to deliver an ultra light non expensive camper for the true camper. Our campers are individually assembled and are not punched out in a mold as other manufacturers do. We claim better than a tent and ultra light so they can be pulled by most 4 cylinder vehicles.

Even the least-expensive construction materials can be assembled into a durable, cost-effective RV that can provide years of satisfactory service. At the same time, top-end materials assembled by inadequately trained or unmotivated employees can result in disaster. It’s all in how the manufacturer approaches training, equipment and quality control. So don’t let anyone tell you a wood-framed trailer with flat metal siding isn’t a good idea. If it’s built well, it could turn out to be a great buy.

Back during its day, camping knew no boundaries. Two things made this possible. The building of an improved road system criss-crossing our country and larger more powerful automobiles. For the first time, folks had the ability to tow along some of the comforts of home in the form of a travel trailer while on their vacation. Experiencing the great outdoors and the natural beauty of our nation by way of the “open road” was fast becoming a favorite pastime.

Now comes 4 dollar plus per gallon gas and the day of the big rigs are becoming a thing of the past, but America still wants to go camping.  That is what owning a Toad camper is about. Light weight, sturdy, dependable with a taste of the past. Located on the East Coast in Calabash, North Carolina, we can duplicate any small Canned Ham style camper. We also rent our Toad’s for just a few dollars a day because we know once you have tried one you’ll want to own one.

We have campers to fit anyone’s budget. Come by and visit us today and see how much camper you can buy. For directions and an appointment contact us here.

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225 A Koolabrew Drive, Calabash NC 28467